Monday, September 22, 2014


Answers about Bermejo. Right now Bermejo feels like Utah in middle of the Summer and it is only spring here. It is sort of like a jungle here. There are palm trees and other exotic plants but I have not seen monkeys yet. A lot of people here have pet parrots. I am in a decent house. Compared to the united states yes it looks pretty sad  but here it is actually nice. There are a total of 16 missionaries here in Bermejo. I do not think there is such a thing as mail here you could probably send it to the mission office or something. I flew to Santa Cruz with 12 other missionaries.
Land of Coke and Coca. The only american thing here is Coke products and the people really seem to love it. So during a lot of lessons we receive a cup of coke. Also a lot of people chew coca which is tobacco. Lots of people look like they have a sucker in their mouth but it coca and it is pretty gross. The majority of people are missing teeth and teeth are decaying at rapid rates. Almost everyone has a black tooth or teeth. Also another problem we have it that some people cant read which is a problem when they need to read the Book of Mormon or the pamphlets.
Service. We helped some people to build their house which by the way is a really technical process (just clear the ground, flatten it with a cement block by repeatably hitting it against he ground then dump some rocks for the foundation and then cement in bricks). Which meant we had to haul dirt up the side of the steep hill.  They gave us a those burlap sacks and filled it with 5-6 scoops of dirt in each one and then we each hauled a sack up the hill. The first time I fell down a couple times so afterwards I was able to sneak less dirt in my bag. Yes I have done lots of stupid things here. Like asking a member to be baptized.,
Food. Did I mention that the lunches are huge. And you have to eat it all. We start off with the soup and then get a another plate. Usually a plate full of rice like (at least ) and a couple large pieces stake things. Yesterday, Sunday,  about threw up there was so much food. So for breakfast the family we live with made us breakfast. It was a bowl full of hot milk cheese, pancakes, and a fruit drink. But I don't know what any of the butters stuff and condiments are, so they keep recommending stuff to put on my food. Anyway I thought they were giving me hot chocolate mix but it was actually coffee mix (and they said it was A OK) and so I dumped  a whole thing in and then had to down a bowl full of coffee milk which did not taste good. And then the pancakes you just throw on some sweet condensed milk and roll it up and eat it like a burrito. I had to eat like 5 of them because they wanted me to try different things on each one. Next we had lunch with a member also. They gave us two things of meat, 2 potatoes, 3 hand scoops of rice, a fried banana. This was was the hardest because you eat it plain and there no taste really and the potatoes dry out your mouth fast to it hard to eat fast. Then we had dinner, another huge plate full of noodles or something. Anyway Sundays are full of eating.
My Companion. I do not know why but tomorrow we are being changed. I will have a different area in Bermejo. It not as bad as you guys worry so. Sounds like you can use some cooling of the jets too. 
Investigadors. We usually have about 4 lessons a day . And right now we have about 10 investigators and we visit a lot with inactives also. I don't know what else to say because I am not always sure what they telling me.
Misc. I saw a wedding the other day. It consisted of decorated cars and motorcycles driving down the street honking their horns with the bride and groom on separate motorcycles driving next to each other.

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