Friday, September 5, 2014

Last Week of CCM

1. My Latino companion is pretty docile. Some of the Latinos are wild and crazy but mine is pretty calm. My Spanish comes along. There are always two versions of things said here. First what is a actually said and second what I interpret them to be saying which makes for some funny miscommunication. I am sending a picture of Elder Ramos (in the blue shirt) that is about the average height of Latinos.

2. Temple. Today and Tuesday we went to the temple. I know the dialogue all in Spanish now. It was funny doing it with my Latino. First he got some pants that were really tight, then the next pair he got was still too tight but he kept them anyway. Then he got the robe turned inside so then he had to get redressed. Then in the celestial room he snagged his clothing a chair handle and made a ruckus. Always an adventure. 

3. Proselyting. We went out for another few hours yesterday. We meet funny man. He kept asking me why I wasn't studying like Obama to be the next president. And then asked us if we had girlfriends, did whiskey, cocaine, or marijuana and that turned him off we we said we didn't. It was nice to have a Latino companion this time because most people here mumble and slur there words together. Also some countries have different accents. 

4. Fun facts about Bogata. Most stores here are about 15 by 10 feet big. There is no garbage dumpsters. People in green oompla loompa suits come pick them out of the baskets. Bogota has about 8 or 9 million people. Chebede means cool or fun. Pronounced Chay-bay-day said fast. 

5. I got the letter you sent yesterday. And i would hurry and get your pictures off the drive. If I remember right I think that I already backed up the pictures on to mine but I am not sure. 

6.  Yes that is a railroad going down the side of the mountain

7. Bolivia. There are some missionaries here from Bolivia. A couple from Santa Cruz even. They say that in the Santa Cruz north mission they eat monkeys. Others say that we will have to carry slingshots to keep the dogs always. And there are parrots, jaguars, and sloths. Sometimes the sloths fall out of the trees and do not move fast enough so they get hit by cars. And the geese ( which we had to figure what they were saying by talking about the geese on  Disney aristrocats) apparently have teeth. 

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