Wednesday, August 27, 2014

CCM Week 4 and Bus Ride

1. Latino Companion. Today I am getting a Latino companion, he is from Peru and his name is Elder Ramos. I have not meet him yet. I am sending pictures of Elders in my last room. 

2.  Password. I figured out that you changed my password when I could not log in. I could not figure it out why it was not working for the longest time so I had to reset it. So hopefully I will get that letter before I leave.

3. Proselyting. We went for about 3 hours last week. We went to place that is project or ghetto. We met some fun people. One guy was an Evangelist who said amen and blessings about everything we said. Another guy gave us a 40 minute lesson about what he believed and her did not like the Book of Mormon until we explained that it doesn't replace the bible. He ended up taking a Book of Mormon. I got sunburned too while doing that. That is why my face looks red in some of the pictures.

4. Tour. Yesterday we went to the top of a mountain on a tram to a church. I think it was 10000 feet or something at the top. The bus we drive in pretty fun. Its one from the 70s or something and it is stick shift. We usually make 5 point turns we about 3 inches of clearance. I sent a picture of motorcycles driving and  stuff on the streets. Afterwards we went to Museum of Gold and people and we had to walked for a couple blocks. It was like a parade the way people were looking at us. Downtown Bogata is like Peach days except the traffic keeps going. There are lots of vendors on the streets people playing music and such. It weird to see the buildings. sometimes you will see building that are really nice and then you see buildings that are crumbling apart. The museum was interesting. It was a bunch of gold from the Mayans and stuff. Then we bought jerseys. If Justin wants one you have to tell me which one and I sure I will probably have another opportunity.

5. For that missionary night, the main thing is you know Preach My Gospel and the lessons and be able to explain them clearly.

6. Also time to start piortizing. If you want me to answer a question put it at the top in bold cause I only have time to skim through emails and I am going to send pictures emails to mother so it doesnt take long. Or if you want you can log in into email and make a group of some sort.

7. Wooden Nickels. yes the Latinos are crafty. they always want my ties, but they usually trade for something. Elder Ruiz about flipped out when I gave him a BYU shirt that was slightly small for me  for  a bag. That is the one I am wearing in the pictures. It is sad to see that some Latinos just show up with duffel bag with like minimal stuff. 

Emailing around here is funny. Yesterday we didn't have time because our tour went over time but it is usually pday or the day before or after. We just got another shipment of missionaries here. 3 from Mozambique Africa. There are tons here now including 20 hermanas compared to the usual six.

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