Tuesday, August 12, 2014

CCM Week 2 and Reindeer Farmer


Sounds like Seven Peaks was fun. 

Its been a fun time here at the CCM. Because the temple was closed, today they actually let us go outside and proselyte. It kind of fun to try and speak to the people. We simply walked around and tried to talk to people. Most of them are very nice and try to slow down for us. We got one contact (people who want to hear more about the gospel). The hardest part was trying to get people to stop to talk or walk with them as we talk. It also hard to understand what they are saying but we can usually get the main idea. Most of them are catholic and all believe in God and family. It was really nice to get out and see stuff. Today has been a pretty easy going day. All the Latinos left last night and so we are half empty waiting for new shipment. So we all had to switch rooms and stuff. I am also sending lots of emails of pictures because they only let me send 3 at a time. And there are duplicates, i am trying to send as fast as can, they only let us have an hour to email. The guy with the soccer jersey is my companion (Elder Dansie) and the others are in my district. The one with the red hair and glasses is elder Bigelow. He is from Alaska and works on a reindeer farm. He reminds me of a mix of  Dwight Shrute and Napoleon Dynamite. 
The teachers here are fun. We have maestro Polo and Maestra Hernedenz. Hermana can be say sometimes. she likes to point to her baby bump and say Okay, we are going now and then walks off. She also likes to fist bump her baby. Latinos here are funny. They try to take your ties or trade with them. Yesterday some of them were weighing themselves and then they turn around and start poking me in the belly. Today we were in our room when like 7 latinos burst in yapping about how one of the girls in a picture is their girlfriend. They also like to put ketchup on everything like rice and such. Today we had cheese and sausage for breakfast with our warm milk and bread. The bread here is some of the best bread I have ever had.

It always sounds like an arcade game outside, there are always car alarms, sirens and airplanes outside. By the way we have cameras on p-days only, it just the rules. 

What else happened this week...the water pump broke so we couldn't use the toilets for a little while which is big deal because there lots of people here NEED to use the bathroom. I  don't know what it is but a lot of people here have gastrointestinal digestive issues. Hermana Dyer has a supply of laxatives apparently. Typing here is pretty annoying it says everything is spelled wrong and the keyboards are not the same hence there are lots of misspellings but i don't have time to fix them. 

Spanish is coming along. They key Natalie is pronunciation and verb conjugation. I have found the best way is to read books out loud in Spanish. A makes ahh, e makes ehh as in Canada eh, i makes e, and o is oh as in oh, is that right, and u is the oo sound as in boo. So ustedes is not pronounced you-stedes  but ooo-stedes, and opurtunidad is not ah-pertunitydad but oh-pertoonneedad. That is key. 

Sundays we usually have a lot of devotionals and conference talks as well as priesthood and district meetings. For Sacrament meeting, each person of the district is assigned to write a 5 minute talk in Spanish and then presidente dyer randomly picks people to speak. So if you thought that talking in Sacrament meeting was hard in English just try to write a talk in a language you are not very acquainted with. It's time for me to go bye bye now.

Elder Gilbert

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