Monday, February 23, 2015

Moving Hills of Dirt

I made it through Carnaval just fine. Did not see too much action, but the buses looked like moving hills of dirt because the people threw mud at them. 

Wow, Dad has really been racking up points in churchball and classic yard work mistakes. I remember the time we helped to pull down the tree but it just landed on the fence anyaway.

I dont even remember very well what happened 2 weeks ago. 

As far as the people go:

The family (Parada) is the closet to baptism and last week they spent all their money on their son´s apendicitis operatation  and now dont have money to get married. So we have to wait another month to save their money. And I hope the son makes it okay because he still had a tube or somthing to let all the infection drain out.

We started to teach the Rojas Family. The dad reminds me Mike. He sleeps all day and works in the night, so when we teach him he is not all the way awake. So we were teaching them and  his wife (who is a lot like Barabra Dallon) is talking about her testimony and he just sighs and then is like Alright lets start with a prayer. Then he was looking at the resturacion phaphlet and he sees the cover with Jesus holding a lamb and He is like Ah, this is buatiful Christ with a lamb and then turns the page to the Prophet Isiah writing and he is like And the profet holding a chicken. THen we were explaining the Book of Mormon and how lehi come over in the boat and we showed him the picture and he says AH yes they come over in NOahs Ark. Lets just say SOmetimes he is a little dazed and confused. 

As far as other things: 

Hammocks are fun and everyone here has one, but make sure to tie it sucrely to the tree. One menos activo was sleeping in the hammock and then all of a sudden just fell. They learned their lesson.

I spoke in Church for a few minutes. Thing is here is they usually call on the missionaries to speak if someone doesnt come 

This week is transfers and they will be closing an area in our ward so we will so what will happen tomorrow.

I have not recieved the package yet, I might recieve it today.

And ahh, I cant attach a photo cause the stupid thing is not working


Elder Gilbert

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