Monday, March 2, 2015

Something Dad Would Do

This week they closed one area in the ward and redivided the areas into 2. So now the area is huge and I have a new companion called Elder Moron but you say it like Moroni without the i. He is from Argentina and has 21 months in the mission. 

This week was not too eventful other than we had to move houses (my companions old house to my house) using a taxi. Which means throwing a mattress and two dressers to the top of the station wagon and strapping it on top. It reminded me of something dad would do but here it is completely normal. 

At lunch we were talking with family that makes us lunch (their son has a mission call to Ecuador) and how the internet always makes the places look better than they really are. And my companion said it was true because the only pictures of Santa Cruz were in the first ring were everything is nice. And how he also talked to someone in his ward who served their mission here 30 years ago and said that is was hard to find a good bathroom. Then the dad chips in ¨Ya know, that true, 30 years ago we had a hole with 2 boards over it and the only place you could do your business in peace was in the chapel. And heck, all the roads were rivers...¨  The progress of Santa Cruz...

Well I am running our of time Ill have to finish next week

Until next time 

Elder Gilbert

Here are some photos to show you what it is really like here. Not really all that glamorous.

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