Monday, March 16, 2015

Pretty Puppy

I have actually seen a monkey but I didn´t touch it because it was not very nice. They can take off your finger like a carrot ya know. There are bunnies here too. I usually do not touch the animals because they look like they have diseases. One common one is when dogs get bugs in their paws and start to lay eggs in their feet. Then the children come and show me the pretty puppy shoving it in my face and I am like yeah lets put the pretty puppy down.

Today we are going to a museum for an activity.  Hopefully it is not a museum of rice or something.

I have been teaching the natives a little bit of English with thrashing success.  The other day we learned the rule of a or an.  I was explaining to a member how you have to say “an apple” “an elephant” and he is like ahhh “an idiot”.  Yep, that works too, you catch on fast.

My computer still doesn’t upload pictures yet.

I am working on sending a letter to you guys.  Hope you enjoy this short little letter.  I spent too much time looking for something on

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