Monday, March 23, 2015


I assume Stephanie had a fine birthday because no one said anything about it.

This week we went to the Cathedral as a zone and it was quite interesting. It was built in the 1500 or something. 

This week we worked a lot with a family who is having a lot of problems. The problem is that they don't confide in each other  and always fell like they have their separate parts and the other one is doing theirs.  The lessons usually turn into them crying. If there is one thing that I have learned is that  a lot of families here have problems.

We also have a recent convert who is 72 (Hno Lider) old and says the funniest things. Like in gospel principles the teacher is like honesty is a principle of salvation and what is honesty for you Lider. Well for me honesty is a principle of salvation. 

Last week he blessed the sacrament and we helped him to memorize the scripture for two weeks before. And meanwhile we asked him if he was saying his prayers and  is said No because I don't want to forget the sacrament prayer. Then Sunday comes along and somehow he got assigned to say the opening prayer and I thought he was going to say the sacrament prayer, but luckily he just said a regular prayer after a 3 minute introduction.  But now I have the suspicion that he is blessing the bread of his house and friends. 

These are photos of the museum trip that we went to. Turns out the museum was the cathedral in the center of town. It had various articles of clothing of the pope and other stuff. We called it the museum of apostasy. It was strange too because it is a tourist thing and this lady wanted to take our picture in front of the cathedral but the mission limit is where the steps end and the lady was like Come over here across the line and we were like NO we can't, it the limit of our mission. The lady was very confused but took our picture. And here is a little nativity I bought because I know how much mom loves them. Might buy something different next year, or if I can find something cool. This is a rock with little white stone carved statues in it. What do ya think Karen?

Anyway, that all the time I have. Hope you have a good week, 

Elder Gilbert 

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