Monday, May 18, 2015


Happy Week, 

Sounds like Stephanie got a new house, Natalie is going on vacation, Mom is working on the new calling, Dad is buying a new truck, and Grandma is in charge of everyone. Sounds about the same from when I left, uhh? Stephanie moved in with Logan, Natalie dreaming about her vacation to Europe, Dad was debating about the truck, and Mom was stressing about her lesson to give in 3 weeks, and well Grandma Miller is always in charge. Strange, no?

This week was the last week for my companion, he will be  leaving on Wednesday and I will go to pick up a new one. That is just the way it is with companions, you throw one away then you buy a new one. 

This week, they hauled me into the migrations again. Thank goodness we were only there for 3 hours instead of the 8 hours from last time. But tomorrow we have to go to SEGIP to start the process of getting my Bolivian identification. The only bad part is that we have to be there are 6 in the morning and it is on the other side of town. 

For my Birthday, I am going to go the Ramada today and maybe I will buy something for myself--like a cake or something. I expect the package to arrive next week or the following. It is about 5 weeks for something to get here.

I didn´t really think about the email beforehand, so I don´t remeber much what happened. I guess it is what you guys would call a regular week. Besides the lightning. There was a big rainstorm and it started when we were eating lunch. There was a flash of light like someone had just taken a picture with the camera pointed in our faces and then there was a bang so big that it shook the house and sounded like lightning had struck like two houses away. 

Anyway, you guys have a good week and enjoy

Elder Gilbert

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