Monday, September 7, 2015

Rubber Tire Shoes

Buen Día

Well to answer some questions. I think I would prefer the car that
will last longer mechanically (but knowing that it is almost
impossible to predict) you might as well flip a coin or do as you guys
see convenient or advantageous at this particular moment in time. It's
okay, you don´t have to send season packaging. As far as the shoes, I
took them to a shoe shop person and he put a tire rubber on the bottom
but crazy how much the mission wears out shoes. My companion´s hush
puppies lasted about 3 months.

Something that shocked me is that Sadie is going to Utah State, so
weird. What is everyone in the family doing these days?

This week was pretty regular. Nothing new to report this week.
Tomorrow we will be heading up to Santa Cruz again for another
conference with Elder Uceda. Should make for something interesting.

Anyway, have a good week

Elder Gilbert

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