Monday, August 31, 2015

Worn out Shoes

Looks like a nice new car Natalie. We will have to go for a drive in
it someday--I hope you bought the one with the garbage protector--you
know how your brothers like to leave garbage in your car.

As I looked at the county fair picture, I thought to myself--How weird
everyone is white and has blonde hair. Here I am the only one in this
city with blue eyes and blonde hair (besides some other Germans and
Italians). So very weird the culture of Utah.

Well, last week the power went out followed by the water and so we
couldn´t really write nor clean the house.

On Tuesday we went to Santa Cruz for a conference. We left Camiri at 1
in the morning and got to Santa Cruz at 6 in the morning. We usually
go on the bus with big reclining chairs that are soft and cozy. In the
conference President Willard spoke about light and the
importance to gain and share light. Next week Elder Uceda will come to
the mission and we will have to travel back to the conference for

Here are some photos. One in Santa Cruz from the House of the
secretaries, one of the board with the people in the mission (every
line is a transfer and move up one every transfer), and the other
one I don´t remember what it is but I am sure it is pretty.

I am going to send this quick because if it is like the past two weeks
something weird will blow up my computer.

Love, Elder Gilbert

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