Monday, August 3, 2015

Baptismal Font

I can´t believe that school is just around the corner for Justin, seems like summer just got started doesn´t it? At least here it does because it was cold and then the next day it was a blazing fire. Weird, I think Winter is over here.

Anyway, as you can see in the photo we had a baptism this weekend (the Mollo Family). We about died trying to fill up the Font because the water  took 8 hours to fill up (compared to the usually 1-2 hours). Didn't know if it was going to make it. But it did and everything went smoothly.

I remember back in the day when mom made us something and sometimes we didn't like it. Well, we found a dad who has the same problem. We shared with him a card that leads to a video of Christ on the internet. And he is like, ¨Yes, I am going to go home and show it to my kids. You know what? I work all day, every day and sometimes when I get home those ¨changos (kids) don´t like what I bought to feed them. So I thought I would download one of those videos of the kids in Africa who are starving, eating cow cud right out of the mouth of the cow. But I think this will work too.¨   
By the way it is weird to see the back yard like that, I had forgotten that you had taken out the flower hill. But be sure not to forget the area for my waterfall

Everyone is showing off pictures of the back yard so I thought I might as well show off some pictures of some views from my house. The one with the Street is the front. The one with the Green house is the side, and the mountain with the houses is the window where I take my shower.

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