Monday, August 10, 2015

Hauling Dirt

Good Week,

This week we were walking to one of our appointments and an old man
comes up and says ¨Elders of Isreal!, Where is your next appointment?¨
 And we said ¨Ah, it´s over there a ways.¨ And he´s like, ¨Great I
want to accompany you. Where´s the Book of Mormon? You guys have never
been in the army have you? You have to always be ready to shoot--hand
me your Book of Mormon.¨ Come to find out this a member of the Church
from Santa Cruz and is 87 years old and came to Camiri to look for his
long lost relatives and share the gospel with them. He was pretty
funny. He passed someone eating in the street and said. ¨That´s right,
eat.¨ Then he walks into church and sees an old widow about his same
age and says ¨Good morning, I think we know each other don't we? ¨ And
the lady is like, ¨from where?¨ And he responds, ¨A long time ago in
the pre-earth life.¨

We also did a hard service project this week. We shoveled dirt using
wheel barrows. And then we had to move the dirt to the second floor.
So we used 5 gallon buckets and rope. We put the sand in the buckets
and hooked the rope on and then pulled with our hands (no pulleys, no
nothing) the buckets straight up to the second floor. Lets just say
that my back and my arms were sore for a while.

Any be the way, I found out there were was a lot more music on my flash drive.
Apparently my music player only plays mp3 format and so there were
only 70 songs but I converted them all to mp3 and now there are 1000
songs. So everything is good there.

Anyway you will have to tell me all about the Ziona vacation next week.

See ya later,

Elder Gilbert

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