Monday, July 20, 2015

New Recipe and One Year Mark

Buen Día

That´s too bad that Scooter passed away. I just guess I will have to smuggle in a fun, cute animal from Bolivia (that will shake mom up for sure).

To tell you more about the area: The area is nice. It has a small town feel to it (It is about the size of Brigham City). There is only one branch here. And the Branch president reminds me of Mario from Nintendo.  My companion is from Lima, Peru. There are only two other missionaries here Elder Nuusa (Somoan) and Elder Alvarado (Peru). It is really pretty (I will have to send more photos..forgot to bring my camera memory today). The house has hot showers and there is a parrot next door that says funny things.

We are teaching a doctor whose son is a returned missionary. He a good soul. The family that was going to be baptized went to La Paz but got sick because of the altitude and are in the hospital.  Hopefully they will return soon.

I had the privilege to eat pata. It is something that you will want to add to your recipe book. What you do is you take the hoof of the cow (we helped our less active carry buckets full of cow hoofs (with the ankle still attached) out to her car to sell) and you boil the livin' daylights out of it and then take out the bone and add some milk and some other things. You end up with a nice jello that has a slight meaty flavor. They say it is good for the bones.

Yes, everything in the package arrived including the tripod. The only other thing that you could send is possibly another flash with music. I don´t know what happened to the other one but there is only 70 songs that play, although I can see others on the computer. But on this flash only put instrumental. I have a craving for hymns on the piano. I love the songs by Paul Cardell. Perhaps you could download him and the song ¨Divine Redeemer.¨

Well tonight we have to travel to Santa Cruz for the conference tomorrow. We get a night bus ride to Santa Cruz.

God Bless,

Elder Gilbert

As you all know, it has almost been 1 year from since I left home. I found this photo of me from when I arrived at the MTC and took a picture yesterday of myself. It  is crazy the comparison. 

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