Monday, July 6, 2015

Climbing Hills

Hopefully you all had a great 4th of July. Well I am in Camiri! It is
pretty here and the people are nice. The only bad thing is that this
city is built on a mountain. When I first got here I didn't
think the car was going to make it up the hill. But now I have the
grand privilegde and blessing to climb up all these hills. (If you see
where I am standing and city below--yes we climb this hill about two
or three times a day). I live in a house that the missionaries have
lived in for 30 years. And there is a grandma lady who lives on the
first floor (we live on the second) and she is always like "you
boys...!" Thankfully the hot water device got fixed just before I got
here. I am with Elder Gonzales he is good and kind of a little gobber
(the kind of person who practices a Brazilian karate art or
something.) I like the people here. They are very nice and sociable.

Well, I am surprised to see that boat burned (that actually did stun
me). It reminds me of that one commercial about the boat (the boat,
the boat, the boat...) I guess now you have to ask yourselves "What
will we do with the burnt boat?"  Well it makes for a good story in your
journal I suppose.

For the funeral, let me know how it goes. Who else is speaking?  I
remember that grandma was always willing to help me. She helped me to
read and whenever I was bored I would go over there and tell her and
then we would play Chinese checkers, or eat bagels with peach jam (and
watch wizard of oz). I think she was my babysitter.

Well I have to get going now. Hope everything turns out okay.

Love Elder Gilbert

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