Monday, March 21, 2016

Taxi and Wedding Ideas

Dearest Family

I loved the poem that Niels wrote, he really does have some skill in that. I am glad everyone enjoyed the drinks. That is what I drink everyday--the peanut mix is acuatully pretty good to put in smoothies and such in the morning. 

Last week for p-day we went bowling and afterwards went to the newly built Papa Johns. It tasted really good. I almost forgot how good food tasted at home.

This week was pretty regular. There were a couple of youth investigators that went to church this week. This week we found a cheaper way to get to our district meeting. Before we always paid 15 bs to go in a taxi but now we get there for 8. The only downfall is that now we have to take 2 rides instead of only one. The transport here is always a hoot. 

It must be pretty exciting with all the wedding preparations. If I was there I would have put myself in charge of as asset management and seating logistics. You know how those things are. We could have elite table seating which includes an extra candle and a goldfish in water or something and then there are the uninvited guests which clearly got a seat with poor visual view. Also a small picture taking fee so that we can make a little more business off it and so on and so forth. Just kidding  

Anyway have a good week,

Elder G

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