Monday, March 28, 2016

Broken Machines

Good Morning,

Ah, I see the good old ¨do it now and ask forgiveness later instead of permission¨ happened again. What could possibly be waiting to surprise me when I get home? (hint hint)

With the investigators, really right now the best prospects is Ariel, the guy that works for Coca-cola. He always makes me laugh. He told us how at work one of the machines broke down (the one that puts the soda in the box). And so that got that fixed and then they started up the line again and about 2 shakes later the same machine broke again but a lot worse this time because all the other machines are operating and they can´t be stopped for more than an hour and so he has to fixed the problem quickly. So what he does is he wrangles up and the line workers (which is difficult because he tells us that sometimes they get really tired and just start sleeping or they find a crate and go off and start sleeping in the corner when things break). And so he wrangles everyone up and they start putting the soda in by hand. Afterwords someone tells him that there is a back-up of 400 liters of soda and so needless to say by the time he got home he was pretty stressed out.

This week I made peanut butter bars and they turned out quite nicely and so I took them to our district meeting on Thursday and everyone loved them. It also worked out nice because one of the assistants showed up and observed the meeting. When we left the church that day it started to come down really hard. Needless to say it is starting to look a lot like a Bolivian winter. 

My companion got the Chikunguña this week. It is a disease transmitted by the mosquitoes that makes all your joints and bones hurt. But we found a less active member doctor who gave him a prescription for a shot and so we took him to the pharmacy and they gave him one right up the rear end. That fixed him right up.

I forget that this weekend was Easter I thought that it was the next week.

Happy birthday to dad. May you have a wonderful day!


Elder Gilbert

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