Monday, April 18, 2016


Good Morning 

Tomorrow is going to be a big day. I know that it is all going to turn out just great. Just make sure I don't get knocked over or blown away in the wind.   

Transfers will actually be tomorrow. I expect to be changed, but it is can always be a surprise the transfers. This will be our last transfer with President Willard, then comes President Rodriguez from Spain.  

We found a couple of interesting people. One works in the circus and apparently can do lots of swinging on the ropes and walking on glass (I don´t know how). We also found another guy He is from Trinidad and tells us about how he got baptized in the river and then grabbed a paloma and threw it in the air. When we asked him if he would go to church he said "with joy". But he didn't make it because when he woke up his eye swelled up and was burning. We also knocked a door and found a guy that told us that he almost got baptized and by now would have been a bishop or stake president. He then he told us it didn't matter because the nivero or something was going to come tomorrow (the tenth planet and that would be the end)

This week we helped a family move into the ward. They must be really rich because they live in a private nieghborhood. Afterwards I felt the strained muscles in my back. I always love myself a moving project.

One of the sons of the Choquevillca family came home to visit from Provo. His friend from Ecuador also came and so we made some good conversation with them 

Have a marvelous and most wonderful day tomorrow (take lots of pictures)

Love, Elder GIlbert

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