Monday, April 25, 2016


What a neat experience at the wedding! It must have been heart thrilling to be in the temple. I hope they had a nice time on their honey moon.

Well, I got transferred and boy do I get transferred. Gird up your loins Elder Gilbert because they sent me on a 10 hour bus ride to Puerto Suarez. Right smack on the border of Brazil. I am the district leader/zone leader for the other companionship in Puerto Quijarro. Right now I am in Puerto Quijarro because the internet went out in Puerto Suarez. So I have now set my eyes on Brazil. To tell you little bit about the place in summer (December, November) it hits around 50 degrees Celsius and in winter (June July) we ride around 41-46 degrees with 4 days of slightly cooler weather as dead winter. Interesting, no? Let´s just say I begin sweating at 8 in the morning. There are also quite a few Brazilians here. Some times they say stuff and I just smile at them. My new companion is elder Orrego from Lima, Peru. There is a lot of stuff to do here such as caves, eat alligators, a big lake, etc. It is also slightly more Jungle-ish 

I have some photos that I wanted to send, but the USB isn´t working so it will have to wait until next week.

Next week Monday I will be calling to test the connection, so that should be sometime before 4 o clock Monday.  

By the way, maybe mom you can refresh me on how to play the states game and the animal kingdom, spoon and fork, etc.for the next week. 

Anyway I am going to send this email becuase I am not sure how much time I have left.

Have a marvelous week,

Elder Gilbert

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