Monday, July 11, 2016

So Here it is...the Last E-mail

Good Morning,

So here it is...the last email. It is strange to think that it is already time to go home (I know mom has been thinking about this moment from the day I left)

Last week we went to Santa Cruz a again to have a conference known as "get to meet president and his family." All his family are converts to the gospel. Even after many attempt his mom at the age of 90 got baptized and recently went through the temple.

It is amazing the things you learn on a mission. It is an one--of-a-kind experience. It tests and refines in so many ways that aren't normally possible. It is hard to say goodbye sometimes--it is quite like the story that President Uchtdorf told in the General relief society session. At first Bolivia is quite unfamiliar and right out different, but over time there begins to grow a love for the people and the country. But I know that everything will work out just great (how could anything possibly go wrong as Natalie as your asset manager.) By the way we are going to have to make a tight schedule a very tight summer schedule or else my brain won't know want to do. I think back before the mission, and I don't know what I did with all that free time on my hands. I just hope there are a lot of things to do whether it be working in the yard or helping mom make dinner because I am used to be doing something every second of the day. 

I guess to close I can give you my testimony: I know that Jesus Christ lives, he guides us in our decisions, if we are obedient and faithful. I have learned here that the miracles come from small things, especially small acts of love that we give to other people. The most important thing that we can do each day is fortify our testimony of Jesus Christ and be valiant to stand for the truth. The best blessings come from when we give our all, and this is because He gave his all to save us.

Anyway, Don't get too excited (or else you wont get any sleep) I will see you all on Friday-- take care. 


Elder Gilbert 

New President and Family

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