Monday, July 4, 2016

Families are Forever

That is cool that you were able to meet president and hermana Willard, they are always fun to be around. I would have liked to have heard their testimonies in English. But I am sure it was good as always. 

This week we had a marvelous week. First of all we went to Santa Cruz for the leader council with President Rodriguez. It is definitely from Spain, you can tell just by the way he talks, but he looks like a really nice guy. We also had to go in train again so that was pretty fun. there is a picture below with all the leaders and president and his family.

The most exciting was the baptism of the familia Jord├ín. It was just a beautiful experience. They told us afterwards that they felt the spirit very strongly. The mom wanted to  cry when she saw here daughters get baptized and the daughters also felt good, especially when we closed with the families are forever song. It was also pretty cool for me because that was the first complete family that I have personally found, taught, and baptized. I saw the whole process from start to finish. Below is the picture of them.  

Well as Natalie and Justin have pointed out there is little time remaining. I will miss a lot of things about Bolivia but mostly the people. I will look forward to the food again and also just the luxuries of life like a washing machine and of course the family. Yes it is scary to have to go back because now there are no definite mile marks--it´s like brutal life. But 

 Jordan Family Baptism 
 New Mission President

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