Monday, June 27, 2016

The Real Fun

Good Morning

The conference was just lovely. We each got a photo with president and president gave us all a big hug.  Afterwards I got to go out to one of my old areas and I got to visit with one of converts from a year a ago. He was the one that speaks Quechua. It was cool because he is still active and his son is preparing to go the mission (his picture is also attached). This week we will be having another conference in Santa Cruz with President Rodriguez; so that means we have to get back in the bus on Thursday.  

The Jordan family will be getting baptized this weekend. Attached is a photo of them. They are doing just so great.

I was writing a lot of converts today and stuff for the mission, so there was not much time.  Well, I hope you are all well, enjoy all the activities that you can before the real fun gets home : ).

Love Elder Gilbert

Jordan Family

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