Monday, June 20, 2016

Piranha Soup

Good Morning

As you saw in the picture we ate piranha soup last week. It was quite delicious. Basically you take the piranha and shop it up and then boil it down and you get soup. They say that it quite healthy and full of vitamins.

This week the assistants also come to visit us. They got here on Thursday and were with us for our district meeting and then they accompanied us the whole day and then got on the bus and went back to Santa Cruz. 

This week the Jordan Family got married. They got married on Thursday and now they are just about ready to be baptized. The baptism will be on July 2 because we still have to teach them a few things and this week we will be traveling to Santa Cruz for our last conference with president Willard and so there will not be enough time to teach them everything beforehand. But there are very excited and the mother especially has a very strong testimony.

The wedding turned out very nicely. One of the sisters took toilet paper and streamed it around like streamers and then me and my companion sang a song and then they signed the paper and they were married. Wedding here are just so much simpler.

So this is going to be the last week of President Willard, so we will be traveling to the conference on Wednesday. I don't know what connection he has in Utah, but apparently he will be speaking there on July 3. 

Make sure to wish Grandma Miller a happy birthday for me. It is crazy that the time is winding down now and I will soon be there in person

Elder Gilbert

 Lake at sunrise

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