Monday, November 17, 2014

Real Hard Life

Well it has been a fun week at the house sounds like. Sometimes it is hard for people to comprehend what it is like in Utah. People here are shocked that there are wards in Utah of just single adults.  

This week has been pretty regular. Teaching lessons, planning peoples marriages (the only people here married are super Catholics or Mormons), talking to all the people, eating rice for lunch (want some mayonnaise with that? that is really what people put on their rice, it helps it go down easier), and fighting the war against the bugs. 

The fun things you found out when doing family history: So we were teaching a less active family about family history and how you can look for your ancestors names on family search when the dad says. ¨´Well, my real name is not Zamora. So I don't think it will work¨. Oh! what is your real name? ¨It is Gonzales.¨ Why did you change your name? ¨Because it was easier to get into Bolivia with Zamora. Oh okay. 

The  next day: we find him drunk in the road and he spills the whole story. He grew up in the bad part of Peru where he learned some bad habits. He apparently robbed a bank and that is why he is an illegal immigrant here in Bolivia. So we took him home and later we talked to his wife she said that he had broke someone´s arm and robbed their motorbike today. Oh, well that certainly does complicate things.

It is things like these that make me think how pampered everyone is the United States. I feel like Spencer and Taylor got jipped in experiences of real hard life. Everyday I witness the circle of life (chicken legs in the road) Here there are no water heaters, nor washers, dryers, dishwashers, microwaves, supermarkets,  air conditioners, nor cars with seat belts for that matter. I also learned about the crap holes. Where I live there is no sewage, so everyone digs a really big hole in their yard and covers it up and that is where the toilet water goes. Water from the sink usually goes out into the street so you have to watch your step. 

And one more thing. I need lots of ideas for Family Home Evenings (like activities or lessons that keeps that whole family occupied) because we do a lot of them. I also need a picture of our house in the winter. Many people here have troubles comprehending a house made from wood and how it looks . when it snows. 

This week is the celebration of 50 years of the church in Bolivia and there is going to be a big celebration this Thursday in the stadium and the all us missionaries in Santa Cruz are going to sing and also there will be traditional dances of Bolivia and they say a general authority will come. 

Photos of the ostrich thing I found, Elder Caal, and picture next a soccer statue (just to join in on the soccer worship here)

Chao Chao for now

Elder Gilbert

Oh and yes  I get the dear elder things Natalie.

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