Monday, November 24, 2014

Exotic Bugs

Sounds like the house is falling apart and the horses are as devious as ever. Let me say that I did warn you about them. And Natalie somehow pulled off a feat of idiotas en accion. I too sometimes found myself in this category. Like the other day when we were getting off the bus and the driver shut the door on me and started to drive away  (with me in the doorway) and I had to jump out to pull out my bag. I am sure all the people on the bus were laughing.
I have not yet received the Christmas package. There is no such thing as thanksgiving here. Right now the kids are getting out for summer. Its weird to have 2 summers in a row. But the next holiday here is of course Navidad and New Years and then festival in march when the whole city closes down for a week to celebrate something. 

The celebration of the church was very bonita we marched on the stage sang left and got back in the taxi and left. It started an hour late. At 7 they were still adjusting the lights and turning on the video wall. I don't think there was a general authority there. 

The funnies of this week:
We visited a member this week who was talking about the celebration and how the 7th day Church of the 12 apostles now has 50 years in Bolivia. And we asked her what church is that? Ans she said well isnt that what we are called. Uhh no. It is the Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de Los Ultimos dias. Then in the lesson she was able to give a 20 minute Leila Grover style testimony on paying tithing.
Another Menos Activo. (who is a bit taller)
Do you remember when you were baptized?
Yeah, I was baptized twice?
Oh, why were you baptized twice?
Well once while I was living in the Villa and then I moved here someone asked me If i would baptized and I said ¨Claro (obviously yes)¨  but they put me in that small pool and when they baptized me they bonked my head on the wall.
Well no wonder why your inactive. Still have not figured out why he was baptized twice.
I have also hired someone to wash my clothes and that makes things a lot nicer.

Here are some photos of exotic bugs, I thought Natalie might like to make a poster or calender of all the bugs. The one with wings which my companion caught is a Chucharra and it lives in the ground for 14 years then pops out and flys around making really loud noises. All found within the convenience of our house.

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