Monday, December 1, 2014

Happy Birthday Karen--Want a Machete?

Happy birthday to mother, good´ol Karen. But don't worry about getting old, hermano Bismark (lives in the ward, executive secretary, he is like 29 or 30) says that you guys are young. His parents are like 70 or 80 and he has like 11 siblings.
i give up with the shift key. it is missing --too hard to type fast.

it was a regular week as usual.

thanksgiving: people don't like turkey here. it is too dry they say. so you cant really buy it anywhere.
christmas. yes i get to call home and we are looking for a member with a computer to skype with. there are about 2 members in all the ward that actually have a computer.
he is the gift. it is a big initiative by the church i am sure you guys have seen it but it is here too and we have these cards to give out and ask people if they have seen it before and how (to see which is the most effective campaigning tool)

Photos. this week i learned the art of machete. how to cut your lawn with a machete. it is really the only way to do it since nobody has lawnmowers or lawns for that matter. it is just whatever grows in your yard. but you have to watch out for the ants because they will bite ya alright (photo of my ankle it from the ants)
I also still need a photo of the house with lots of snow and the christmas tree also. people are perishing in unbelief about how christmas really should be. here it is hot and sunny and they call it christmas.
some others things that i could use: index cards, family home evenings ideas (can send to me through email) and games to play. there are lots of people who don't go to church because they don't know anyone so we have multi family home evenings and need good games to help people to know each other without conspicuously being a get to know you game.

 i was also in a theatrical production this past week. the ward had an activity where the organizations acted out a scripture. the missionaries got alma the younger conversion and somehow i got cast as alma the younger . turned out ok but very awkward
elder gilbert (people say either heel-bert or jill-bert)

Ant bites

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