Monday, December 29, 2014

A Ward Feud

Well sounds like a regular good time at home jiggin' around. I had a good time too. I eat lots of food (see the attached picture). Speaking of food the two foods that I really like here are salteƱas and pica machu.
To answer some questions
How many investigators do we have?
I think there is about 15-20. And then about 10-15 less actives and recent converts and then there are old investigators which are the people who do not progress. I counted all the people in our binder and I think there is about 60. 
That package? 
It doesn´t really matter how as long as it gets here. Some other things you can throw in if you have not sent it already:a multi-color pen, the my family pamphlet completed in spanish, instructions on how to use family search to find your ancestors and send to them to the temple,
What happened this week?
Our ward mission leader (Brother Peredo) has a lot and there is some dispute about who is real owner. Anywhere the other supposed owner showed up and Brother Peredo didn´t want them to pass and so the other guy called the police saying that Brother Peredo tried to kill him with a machete. So the police showed up and took him to jail along with Israel (super enthusiastic teacher ) and Richard (the second counselor in the Bishopric) who were in the house. Then the Rodriguez family (5 more men) go the jail to defend them so now there are 8 members in our area that are in jail . I think there court appearance is today so hopefully they get out. It reminds me a lot like that episode of Beverly Hillbillies where they start a feud.

Something else funny. We asked one of are investigators we he didn't go to church and he said because of the rain. Uh..hermano, it didn't rain on sunday. Oh that's right , it didn't, I don't remember why. Then this week we asked him again and he said it was because he didn't have any clothes. Oh man.. the things they come up with these days.

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