Monday, December 22, 2014

Wheelbarrow and Bolivian Culture

First of all, I will be calling home today on the phone to confirm the plans for Thursday so don't leave the house because I will be calling soon.

Sounds like Natalie had been having a fun time. Having your temple bag stolen and then have Grandma Miller to plan your social dates. And it was your birthday what more could you ask for.
Can't believe there is not any snow yet. But 40 degrees, whew, that is really cold. Here we never drop below 65. Today is a cold day because it has been raining. Raining so hard in fact that it was hard to leave the house because the yard has been filled up with water. Then on the bus the water started coming up through the floor and I got sprayed. But it is a good thing we are not in the rainy season. In the rainy season the water comes up to knees.

What happened to me this week-it was quite regular. We macheted somebody's yard and sholved a mountain of dirt. I actually fell over trying to haul the wheelbarrow over a bump. I was pulling backwards to pass the bump and I pulled soo hard that I fell flat on my back. The investigators are doing well. They are always so funny. We were teaching a family and the daughter is a member about the age of Natalie but the rest are not. So whenever we would ask a question to the family she would always chime in and give the answer and even when we asked them to be baptized she was like Yes, yes I will. Then we had to remind her that she was already baptized.
One thing that I have learned about Bolivians is that they just do whatever and just go with it. Nothing really phases them. If they have an church activity they show up at the planned starting time and decide what to do then start an hour and a half late. If someone where to come and graffiti their house they would just look at it and say oh well I guess it is just my lot in life. That is why I think it is so funny to hear Natalie calling the police over such things. What would Bolivians do. Nothing and go take a nap. Oh how the Bolivians love to sleep. The whole country goes asleep for an hour after lunch. We ask people what they are going to do for Christmas and they usually say I don't know sleep and eat. The Latinos are just more matter of fact too. There is no offense taken if you call someone fat or describe to someone "so-and so is the fatty with glasses". It is kind of funny.
Anyway prepare the internet for Thursday and have a Jolly good time. I will be getting in touch today.

Elder Gilbert

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