Monday, December 8, 2014


What! No snow ! What is this Bolivia--where it like 95 degrees. 

1. Yes, I have been the one taking out the 75 dollars, I use it buy stuff, like a music player and such. 

2. The Christmas package got here, the only thing that wasn't in there but said it was was the music and deodorant. 

3. More to send. music on a flash with the song of color of the wind but in piano, i cant remember who is the artist but it cames on pandora. THe pual cardell piano hymns, and all the other songs. and those binder punch hole reinforcers. and some cinnamon, they dont sell it here.

This week was great. We did a service macheting someones lawn and I found a snake so I screamed snake but none off the latinos knew what that was so I screamed serpeinte and my companion came over and chomped it in half. That the end of that sucker. And naturally the recpients of the service had lunch ready to pull magically out of their back pocket so we had that lunch and another at another house.

Chunllo- it is a potato that they throw in the river for a few days and let freeze and it turns black. Then they take it out and break it apart by stepping on it with their feet and then cook it and serve it as food. And everyone in BOlivia loves it. It things like these that I just put in my mouth and swallow it with the beverage like a pill.

I don't have much time this week to write, tal vez I will send you letter. The post office is in the Santa Cruz north mission so we have to wait for the next week to ask president to leave to the mission to mail letters. Basically the north mission has all the cool stuff like the zoo, rich people and houses, water parks, and   cool animals. OUr mission has the distribution center and botony observatory. 

Elder Gilbert

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