Monday, December 15, 2014

Hair Loss Remedies

Ahhh.. Stephanie´s hair is falling out. What would the Bolivians do? Well probably one of the 3 following things: 1. Nothing and accept the reality of your life 2. Don't go to the doctor because they is too much money 3. Drink some Chicho it is a drink that tastes like dirt, looks like dirt, and feels like dirt when you drink it.

I have not yet received the pillowcase with letters in it yet. And yes things do get taken out of packages (they also took the deodorant, but I can buy some (they keep it looked up behind the desk at the store) ) . Candy will usually always makes it, just put it in something that does not melt because chocolate here melts at room temperature. I don't know but I guess this is a test to see if your smarter than a Bolivian.

Yes I get to talk on Christmas day hopefully through skype. Not sure exactly how but I will let you know.
Ahh and it even sounds like my ward has surpassed the tenth ward in Sacerdocio (Priesthood). Pucha (heck) I think all the priesthood quaroms are bigger here. (diacono, maestros, presbiteros, elderes, y sumo sacerdotes) There is your spanish lesson tambien. But our area is about the size of a stake and there are three areas of elders in our ward. If you want to know where my area is it is where the eigth ring meets with the cumavi and tres pasos al frente. That box is my area and the fourth side we do not really know where it is--it is out to the boondocks.

Investigators: The Parada family accepted a marriage date-so we will see how that goes. They are a funny people. Leonida, the wife is really fat like a polynesian and has this blouse that the buttons look like their about ready to burst, and in fact one of them did and so she ways puts her hands over it to cover it up, kind of funny. I am currently writing a letter for you guys to let you know all about the details.
Anyway I think that my time is almost up.

¡Que le vaya bien!
Elder Gilbert

This week I also dug a crap hole. Put that on my resume. It was 6 by 4 and 5 feet deep.

Happy Birthday to Natalie! I have been to a couple birthday celebrations here, the Bolivians do it in this manner: everyone stands, sings in english, claps and sings in spanish and then sit down.

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