Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Year

Sounds like the regular old hoot back home. Natalie having sleigh rides in the so called snow., The relatives getting together to chat, scooter getting ever so fatter and older,  the groan of now having to go back to work.
It weird that Spencer n Taylor are home already. Don't be so easily impressed with their stories--you ain't heard nothing yet. I don't understand why Taylor's mission has cars but did not have cell phones. And for people sleeping in their cars, a couple weeks ago we went to collect a member to go to church (it is hard to type because 3 of my keys are missing the backspace enter and shift.)   and we found him sleeping in his truck. It took a while to get him up but he went to church.
You can also tell Spencer and Taylor that I have a new cousin here in Bolivia. It is really just a random guy that every time we walk past his house he starts shouting at me  Hey Cousin, how are you, igualitos (iquals), face to face.  And then on new years day he rip open his window and shouts happy news year, have a good year.
The barbecues that we have are called churassco. It is usually meat of chicken and or cow.  We had another one yesterday because are person that cooks our food, her soon got his mission call to Ecuador.
Yes Hermano Peredo and his associates got out of jail and now have a stronger testimony of spirit prison than ever before. The whole thing was a lie.
Here are some photos. One of the conference that we just had, a candid shot of how it looks it the mission, and a Christmas photo.

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