Monday, January 26, 2015

Let it Go and Parenting Tactics

Sounds like Natalie has not been feeling too good. But I guess everyone has to get sick every once in a while. It might surprise you that even I, with my prime immune system, get a little explosive in the digestive system (at both ends as a matter of fact). So let me offer a few words of wisdom. For example, just a few week ago, I don't know what it was that I ate, but it didn't agree well with my stomach and I had such bad diarrhea. Then the next day we ate lunch, and I could barely eat anything and then we were walking and there were a grandma and a little girl behind us and then I just stopped and threw it all up. It come out my nose and mouth. I am pretty sure it grossed them it, but the lesson to be learned is just let it out. Like that once-so popular song from Frozen...Let it Go.

Parenting Tactics 101. Justin should be reaching the age of general teenager sassyness and cranky. Let me offer some techniques that my investigators use on their children to deal with such problems. For example, the father gave his son 10 bolivianos to go buy food needed for the lunch. The son returns home with the wrong amount of change and does not want to tell the truth about what happened to the money. So to encourage him to tell the truth, he chained him to the tree (by the foot). But he permitted him a chair and desk with a notebook so he would not get bored. Freedom comes when he tells the truth.

Our sly investigator made it to church. This week we didn't make the same mistake of thinking he would get there on his motorbike. This time we showed up, waited for him to shower, change, get ready, walk with him to the street, flag down the taxi, ride with them in the taxi, pay for the taxi, walk in the church with him. No room for error this time. He had a great experience at church.

Glad to hear the package is on the way, my companion was getting very worried. 

Greyson is going to Texas least it will feel somewhat at home with the same food and culture and luxuries of the United States.

Here are some photos, some people in the ward, something that I forgot, and some service in action.
Elder Gilbert

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