Monday, January 19, 2015


Well, with all the changes in the mission, no one in our ward got changed. Which means I am in the same area, with the same companion. I am guessing that I will be here for the next transfer too (until April).
Church is always a hoot. We have that one investigator that couldnt come for the past 3 months for various reasons (the rain for when it didnt actually rain, not having anything nice to wear, milking his car.) So this Sunday we call him at 7.30 in the morning, go to his house and he is all ready with his hair combed, dress pants, polo, and all and we even waited for him until he and his wife were on the motorbike ready to go. Then in church his wife walks in but he doesnt and it turns out that as our investigator went to kick start the motobike his shoe broke and so he couldn't come. So close...
A member has been accompanying us to visit a less active lady in the ward and so the member out of the goodness of his heart goes to pick her up on Sunday. The thing is that the less active lady lives with her sister who isn't a member and goes to a different church. So when the member went to pick her up, he mistaken her for her sister and was like "okay it is time to go to church, get in the car." I am pretty sure he freaked her out.
We are starting into the rainy season these days. The other day it rained for 10 minutes, but the rain drops are the size of something big and it did the same amount of damage as if it were to rain all day in Brigham City.
As far as the phamphlet goes, I just the need the stories, dates, and a small picture. Nothing to stress too much about. And also throw in some candy like red licorce. It is strange the things you start craving when you dont have it. I am always disturbed by the fact that there is not even a McDonalds here.
The USB on this computer doesnt work either, so I still cant send photos.
Carry On, have fun, do something funny.

Until next week,

Elder Gilbert

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