Monday, January 12, 2015

Mission Changes, Cats and the DMV

Sounds like Spencer and Taylor are doing great. It will be interesting to see what they decide to do these days without me to play Pokemon with them (what they'll study and where they'll go)

This Tuesday is transfers. Lots of changes are coming to the mission. First of all there are no new missionaries coming this transfer and a lot leaving and so they will be closing areas (leaving 246 remaining). But the next 3 transfers there will be 28-30 more every transfer. The goal for the mission this year is 2037 people active in the church (which means we have baptize or reactivate this number). The last years goal was 1450 and we got 1433. So we have to work super hard this year. There are also rumors of La Paz North mission making a total of 5 missions in Bolivia.

I loved hearing the story of how Stephanie handled the cat. Here in Bolivia, people have the same tender love. The family I eat lunch with has a kitten. First they only pick it up by the neck. And when it gets in the way they pick it up like a ball and throw at the couch or in the tree. They also let it hang off the edge of the table and then pull its tail to see how long it can hang on. The funniest one is when the boy grabbed it by the back two legs and the two front legs and then rattled it around like a machine gun and it really did sound like one too. Pets here are very dispensable.

I also spent some time in Migrations this week. From 5 o clock in the morning to 3 in the afternoon. It is like DMV on crack. You have to take a number then wait in line. It didn't really help that they closed down for 2 hours for lunch. Oh how the Bolivians love their lunch.
The USB hole doesn't work, so I can't send pictures

I also need a photo of everyone because it sounds like they are changing. (Stephanie's hair falling out)

The work moves along as regular.

Continue On y seguir adelante

Elder Gilbert 

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