Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween and Day of the Dead

Querido Familia

Do people celebrate Haloween here. No, not really. They know about it but dont really do anything about it. More important is the Days of the Dead following. Now this, everyone celebrates. Saturday was day of dead for children, sunday for the adults, and today is a holiday just to finish it all off. Basically what happens is everyone goes to the cemetery (which are quite creepy looking) and do their ritual or whatever. Some people even sleep there over night. We didnt change time here in Bolivia but it doesnt really matter anyway because meetings always start 30 minutes late.

Investigators. We have two bautismals lined up for this weekend. Marco Miranda and Evelin Parada. So we will see how that goes.  We found a family that are all members except for the father and basically he wants to be baptized but he has to wait for his divorcement papers to clear through.

Goofy things; I found this box to place all my books in because my desk was getting swamped. So I put it next to my desk and called it my biblioteca. Well two days later I was eating my froot loops (Yes they have these down here but I had to drop 49 bs for them which is like 7 dollars). And i opened my milk which is in a plastic bag, poured my milk and set on my desk. Then randomly 10 minutes later the bag randomly falls off the desk and into my library box. Luckily I was able to save my books but it was the end of my library becuase my companion grabbed it and throw it out the window full of milk (we live on the second floor). So that is Bolivian ingenuity en accion. My companion informed me that I talk in my sleep in spanish now. I was also sitting on the toilet when a frog almost jumped on me and it scared it me and I told my companion and he said to sweep it out and I didn't want to, but I was saved when another elder from the first floor came up for a social visit and I enlisted him to take care of the frog.

Happy Birthday to Justin boy. 

Elder Gilbert

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