Monday, October 27, 2014

New Changes

Buen Dia!

Yes, I got changed. I am now in Santa Cruz in the Zone La Libertad, in the Lucero Ward. My companion is called Elder Chacaliaza of Lima, Peru. He is a lot better than my other companion. Santa Cruz is a little bit different. The people talk different. For example instead of saying mas o menos they pronounce it maj o menoj (the j makes an h sound). The buses are also pretty fun.  The ceiling is about where my shoulder are so you have hunch it over and hang on to the bar because the roads are not always smooth and the driver looks to make sudden stops and gos. You have to have good balance or else you will land on some else. To top it off there is usually american music like Rasputin or Are you all ready for this to jingle and slip along to. There is a HiperMaxi (a walmart Food supermarket) here in Santa Cruz which is a big blessing because I am tired my food selection being limited to what ever people sell in their living room. 

The wildlife here is about the same just that there are cows wandering around and horses, lots of frogs, some lizards occasionaly. There are also a lot of horse drawn carraiges here too. Except the horses look like they are about to to die and and cariage is more like a hay trailer. 

The people. We have an investigator named Resendo Parada. He has a cow called Maltilda and we sometimes get to drink some milk from Maltilda. Also there is a member in the ward called Israel and he is a little crazy. He likes to acompany us in visits and he gives his own mini lesson of 10-15 minutes. He kind of reminds me those overzealous or enthusiatic men at BYU Nat. He also gave us a reference for his next door neighbor. And when we went to go contact him, his neighbor about blew up becuase of how many times the missionaries talk to him. I think Israel gives the same reference to all the missionaries. THere are lots of others but those two are the most interesting. At church there was about 210 people. I feel like I am in a battleship becuase we have a stake and in total there are 6 elders in the ward. 

Its cool to look back and see how many lessons were taught during the 6 weeks. This past transfer we had 24 lessons with investigator con un mienbro presente and 45 other lessons 18 lessons to recent converts and 51 lessons to menos activos. 

Sending some pictures. One is of my area in Bermejo  (with trees and no on in it) and pictures of my new companion and a picture of the my zone.

Well that is it for this week and I am glad to hear Scooter health is improving and so on. Hopefully that stuff makes it here. Try making saltinas this week. 

Elder Gilbert

Zone in Bermejo

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