Monday, October 20, 2014

Scooter's Health Care


Sounds like Scooter has had some health issues. I am relieved to hear that his infermity has been taken care of in orderly and effecient manner. We all know that Scooter demands the best of health care insurance in accordance with The Scooter League AllIance policy manual (page 45)

I usaully email from some internet cafe. Today was a little bit tricky; we went to three different places and all their internets were not working but we finally found one. The computers are high tech too, they are usaully computers that look like they are from the 90s and have wires hanging out for the usb and such. 

As far as the music, I think that Enya and classical is okay. And of course all of the Mormon Tabernacle. Hopefully that package makes it here. Once it gets to the mission office the mission office will send it somehow or when president comes to visit again. 

We went to Santa Cruz for a conference of trainers and newbies. Basically it was a meeting of 3 hours where Hermana Willard went over health stuff and asked us we were doing and then President gave some words and it was over and we went back to Bermejo. So that was a nice little trip. 

Well I have to go now didnt get much time Adios

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