Monday, October 13, 2014

Jovenes Chicas

No [Natalie], I have not yet found someone that reminds me of you yet. Mainly because we are not allowed to speak to snakes (so my companion calls them, the jovenes chicas).
I still have the same companion Elder Condori. The cambio was only for one day. But the cambios (pernament) is coming up next week

Have we come across investigadores yet. Yes of course. I think we have about  10-15 active investigators. I you want to know the numbers for this week we have 4 people with baptismal date, 5 new investigators, and 24 lessons taught. The hardest thing is to get the investigators to keep commitment. It is also possible to receive packages here. Just send them to the mission office. I would like a USB drive with every church  song and tranquilo song that you have and then I can buy a music player here. 

Culture. When shaking hands you first shakes hands, then tap on the other persons left shoulder with your right hand than shake hands again. A lot of people here sell those crocks shoes (people here sell a lot of cheap stuff from China) so for service I have gotten really good at packaging shoes and sorting them. Remember the time that I fell when I was doing service hauling dirt up the hill for the Lopez Family (the Jeppsen Family). While the lady still thinks it is the funniest thing. And I trip over everything here because all the sidewalks are pieced together. There will be drop offs, piles of rock, etc etc. So my companion taught me the native language of what to say when I fall because Santiago Lopez knows the native language and would think it really cool if I said it; the words are manan ing ting en ten day ictchu kitchu.

Yesterday we do not have church because of the elections and we were not allowed to leave the house either. So we read a lot.The day mainly consisted of people driving down the street on their motos waving their propaganda and honking their horns. It was equivalent to the Peach Day parade. I also got my first haircut here. I said i wanted short regular which ended up being shave off the sides and leave the top long. So now I have a nice haircut.

Well I just received new that we are being beckoned back to Santa Cruz  which means a long car ride and then 2 hours in the plane, what joy!
Elder Gilbert

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