Monday, October 6, 2014

"Oh Honey, You ain't Seen Big"

Hola Familia

Sounds like you have had a lovely general conference weekend. I too had the privilege to view the conference, and in Enlgish too. The conference was fantastic--including classic Dallin Oaks talk and the thrill of listeing t other languages in voices similar to those on hunger games, they like to keep you on your toes ya know. I had to laugh when mother said you had a big meal. Oh honey, you aint seen big. Yesterday for breakfast I had 4 big pancakes, two things of smoothie juice, and pineapple and the hot milk cup. Lunch I had soup (in a very big bowl) and in soup included  a chicken wing and drumsitck followed by a plate completly filled with a noodle dish (like 5 cups of it) and then for dinner 6 pieces of pizza. Every meal I feel like I am going to barf. And then the worse is when the ask you if you want more and here is is offensive to say no, so you have to say yes and take more. And then becuase your an elder they like to give a little bit more and then at some lessons we have another full on meal.
What do people ask me the most?  First where am I from. This is just a question to confirm the obvious. Next people ask me about the weather. (by the way it is getting hot here, the other day I am pretty sure was close to like a hundred and then the people tell me that it was nothing and in the summer December it gets really hot (one member said 122 degrees Fahrenheit) and sometimes I think they are pulling my leg so be sure to research this for the next email) Then about what I eat in the United States to which I am like have you ever heard of casseroles or cusc cusc. And then sometimes they will ask about family or what I study. I also get the feeling that people here do not use canned foods that much because my Latin companion handed me a can and pizza cutter and asked me how to open it.

There are a lot of toads frog here in the night. I am afraid that I will step on one because they are hard to see. My companion said that he found one under my bed (i do not know alive or dead). We also have a lot of cockroaches and mt companion told me that in the night they were all over and in the food. So that is comforting to know so I always check my shoes before putting them on. My companion also bought raid spray to kill them but he also uses it to kill mosquitoes and so every night he fumigates the room and I am pretty sure it does not do anything. Everyone here also has a moto or moped thing. SO you will see like the whole family drive on one with baby and everything. And yesterday I saw the son driving the moped home from conference with his mother on the back sitting sideways wearing dress as if on a horse from the medieval days.  Kind of funny. I have seen one horse here. Also dogs of all varieties (one member with 5 dogs was showing me how cute her hairless dog was). 

Today we are going to play futbol as a zone activity so that will be interesting.
The mail here I am not sure how it works exactly. I will have to find out and tell you next week. The only thing they do not sell here is floss or deodorant. Most of my stuff has been holding out. One of my pant hems came undone but the RS president and lady that cooks for us fixed that up in a jiffy. Her name is Heremana Anna and she kind of reminds me of Grandma Miller. She has similar kinds dishes (the blue clear) and cooks very tradtiony. Its weird how there are Latino counterparts of people I know here. Like the family I live with, the mother reminds me a lot like Melanie Gilbert and I don't know but it is weird.

Love Elder Gilbert

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