Monday, June 15, 2015

Fell Down Like a Log

Sounds like a wild time in Cedar City, hope everyone recovers from the race. 

This week I did some interesting things. 

We did a service project this week. We literally moved a house. There is a less active member in the ward who needed to move her kiosk where she sells food. So the whole zone of missionaries came (16 people) to move the house. It was soo heavy because it was made of metal. I about busted a guset trying to lift it up, but we got into place after 6 attempts. To add to the fun, it was raining all day this day and so we did in with rain and in the mud.

I also fell down this week. We were leaving a house and there was a stream of water surrounding it and so I jumped on a rock but it slipped and tried to recover but I just fell down like a log while throwing my scriptures on the dirt so they wouldn´t get wet. I had mud all over one side of me. My companion thought it was funny. 

Something else new: we had ward council in a bus because there was soo much rain that President Rocha (of the quorum of elders) couldn´t make it in his wheelchair to the usually designated spot.

And also the bus that usually carries us to the church changed routes and so we almost ended up in Plan 3000 (a different area in Santa Cruz). Had to walk a little ways to church. 

Well it is time for me to go again, love and smiles 

Elder Gilbert

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