Monday, June 8, 2015


Thanks for the Birthday package. My companions got a kick out of the card, because it was so high tech. They have never seen anything like it before.

We had a jolly good week. We are continuing to find new investigators and teaching.

Wednesday, I went on excanges with Elder Peña the Zone Leader. He decided to try something new to find new investigators and so he carried around baptism clothing and asked people what they thought it was, or or put it on them to see if it would fit. Some thought it was doctors clothes and such, but it was interesting to try. It reminded me of something Natalie´s friend would do (I don´t remember her name but she like pòetry and went to Korea)

On Thursday, we went shopping on Cumavi. The Cumavi is a big avenue and every Thursday there is a peach days booth/swap meet thing that they set up (Just 50 times bigger and 50 times more rip-offs). They sell used American clothing (the kind of stuff you usually send to the DI. In case you were wondering where your charity donations of clothing go in third world countries)  and we got permission to go and buy some clothes for winter. The funny thing was that my companions bought some clothes in while it was somewhat dark and when we got home they found out they had bought a  dark green women´s coat. And that the pants they bought were brownish-red. Thankfully I didn´t buy anything, but the latinos learned not to buy stuff in the dark.

Friday, I got my Bolivian identification card, so now I am officially Bolivian now.

Hope you all have a good week. Sounds like the Summer Games are just around the corner so, Let the Games Begin!

Love ¨

Elder Gilbert

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