Monday, December 14, 2015

Singing in Church

Good Morning,

Mom has been getting pretty crafty hasn't she; looks like she fooled Natalie for her birthday. By the way, I send Natalie my birthday wishes also, I think she will be 27 right?

Well, lately, president has been talking about the language of faith, using invitations such as ¨Would it be better if we passed by at 8 or at 8:30 to pick you up for church.¨  Well, I recently got that used on me. The assistants call and tell me that they felt impressed that me and my companion should sing a duet in the Christmas conference for all the missionaries and then asked me ¨So which song would you like to sing?¨ Well great I don´t know. I will talk with my companion and call you back to tell you which one. Let´s just say that worked like charm.

I also saw a motorbike crash. We where teaching a lesson when we hear a great crash sound, so we all run out the door to go see what happened and turns out that two people  on a motor bike ran into a truck turning onto the street. Basically everyone just ran over there and tried to do something while all the other cars start honking so that they could get buy. The next day we passed by there and they had it all outlined with spray paint and there where blood stains so hopefully no one died.

This week there were 4 investigators at church and 4 less actives. Not too bad for this week.

Here is the photo with me and my Christmas tree. I also got the other package today. That is Bolt the dog that lives outside.

Anyway, until next week,

Elder Gilbert 

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