Monday, December 7, 2015


Good Morning Family,

I hoped everyone enjoyed this week. As it comes time to write you all again, I always forget what I want to tell you and then I usually remember afterwards. But anyway we had a pretty good week. We had some investigators go to church yesterday and one has a baptism date for the 26 of December.  

I suppose I can tell you about the owner of our house (his name is Felix Choquevillca and he is a member in the ward). He is pretty much a multi-millionaire. He accompanied us this week and I asked him how he got into the transport business (he has like 15 semi-trucks that he bought from the United States and had them shipped over here on a boat).  He told me that he started by carrying bags of shoes on his back over the border of Argentina and he didn't have even a hundred dollars. But just last week he told me he bought a house that wasn't anything cheap. It was worth a half-million dollars (which is a ton in Bolivia). But his sons are going to go to BYU to study and now he is thinking about moving over there. He is really funny and he has been practicing English.

Anyway here is a picture of me and my companion and one of the semi-trucks.

That's all I can remember for this week. If you have a question that sometimes will help me remember stuff.

Elder Gilbert

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