Monday, November 30, 2015

Domestic Emergencies

Good Morning dearest family,

Well, Thanksgiving went by for me without even thinking about it. Let´s just say thanksgiving is a very, very American tradition. 

Yesterday was the 5th Sunday of the month, as such we had our usual combined lesson with Relief Society and Priesthood. And the topic was something I would highly reccomend for our ward: Domestic emergencies. The lesson starts out like this. "Today we are going to talk about household emergencies. But lets break it down here. What does the word emergency mean for you?" Someone answers, "When something unplanned happens that also, unfortunately, affects our health." Later in the lesson, "What happens if I get a big cut on my arm? What should I do?" Someone answers, "Wrap a towel on it" and the teacher responds "Ah, yes, that is something that we usually do, but what do towels do...they absorb and that´s not good if you loose blood. So really the most important thing is to apply pressure and really you can just use your hand, even if it is dirty, we can use antibiotics to cure that later. And if it is really bad you will use a tourniquet." Then the smart alec replies, "what if I get a cut on my head, should I put a tourniquet on my neck?¨ That is usually how Sunday school lessons go here.

Anyway this week we are seeing some progress. One of our investigators is reading is in 1 Nephi 14 and went to church yesterday. Also we found a really big family of like 7 and in total I think we found 11 new investigators in 2 days. 

Anyway I am a little tight on time.

May you all be blessed and happy,

Elder Gilbert

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