Monday, November 2, 2015


Good Morning Family,

I am glad to see the Halloween festivities went well. Here Halloween is kind of a fad interest (as if some people saw it on pinterest and wanted to try it.) And here in Camiri, it is the oil capital of Bolivia and so it is kind of a rich city (Park City) and these kind of people try to copy American things.

Yes this week is transfers and it is possible, but not likely that I get changed. And so I think I will be here until December 15th or something.

The coolest thing this week was to see a family receive a spiritual confirmation of the gospel. The mom told us that in a dream she was in her house when all the lights went out and so she lighted a candle,but outside her yard there were people telling her to put out the light. These people where loud, rough, worldy people. And to her surprise the light, when she tried to put out the light, it just wouldn't go out. She tried everything, blowing, dumping water on it, everything. But then a man (who she says is Christ) appeared to her and told her ¨Fear not, the light will protect your family.¨ And then from that point on the light just kept getting brighter and brighter and till it illuminated her whole house and neighborhood.They now desire to  get married and be baptized. I have seen such a change in them and their family (the daughter of 8 reads the pamphlets at night and when we came she recited from memory Juan 3:5).  The only downfall is that they want to get married in January to celebrate the
anniversary of the day the got together and the birth of their daughter.Oh how sentimental us humans are, but we will see what happens.

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY Justin!  Have a wonderful birthday week.


Elder Gilbert

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