Monday, January 11, 2016


Dearest Family

I am seeing that your emails are starting to sound a lot like mine. Short n´ sweet. This week I will try to make a more detailed outline of the week.

Last Monday went fine. We played soccer for an hour and a half and then we had some Peruvian food (Bolivian style). We had seviche (I think it is called). In Peru it is super popular, it's raw fish with lots of lemon juice and spices and they claim that that cooks it. So we had that but with chicken, it tasted good but super lemony.  

We had the baptismal interview for our investigator Sergio Salazar and he passed. Looks like we will be having the baptism for this Saturday. I also did some baptismal interviews on Sunday (that´s what the district leader does) for some of the sisters. Two of them had to have another interview with president (there is something known as "question four" which means that they committed a serious crime, abortion, or homosexuality). So they will have to pass another interview with president.

I don´t know if you knew, but there will be a worldwide conference for missionaries on the 20th of January. We have been preparing a lot for the conference by studying 12 weeks again. There was also a change in apostles as far as the one in charge of missionary work. It is now Dallin H. Oaks and he has a new motto it is "In this mission we teach repentance and baptize converts."

Last Sunday I got a little sick. I woke up with a sore throat and by the end of the day I had a small fever. I woke up Monday about the same. Tuesday night the fever stopped (I woke up really cold becuase my garments were all wet from the sweat. Left like a white sweat mark on my sheets...gross) But the weirdest thing was on Wednesday I got these blister burns on my hands and my feet. So strange I called the mission nurse and thankfully it wasn´t anything serious. Now I am just fine, but there are really different sicknesses here.

I have been looking a the Provo Temple photos online. Looks a lot like a classic castle.
Also, BYU registration and ecclesiastical endorsement, and housing has crossed my mind a couple times. I hope Natalie is on task. Maybe you can give me the briefing report next week.

Anyway I hope you guys get my surprise package stuff, it has some cool Bolivian stuff in it that was in my house.
Too afraid to send new pictures today because we are using a new internet and there is possible risk of viruses.

Have a good week,

Elder Gilbert

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