Monday, January 4, 2016

Rats and a Giant Snail

Buen Día Family

I hope you all had a wonderful new years. It´s quite strange to think that it is already 2016. Looks like the holidays passed by well. It's just weird to think that the holidays already happened. To me I now feel like I'm in a time warp or something; I don´t really feel the passage of time. Things just happen and then the next thing I know it is a new month.

For New Year Bolivians generally drink and set off fireworks at midnight. It didn't wake me up though because I had AdvilPM and I had earplugs so I slept quite soundly. I am sorry Natalie had the dead deer trauma. I too had a run in with nature. When we helped a guy move an oven and when we picked it up 5 huge rats jumped out the oven. Scared me. 

This week we did some service. We filled buckets full of bricks and then lifted them up to the third floor with a rope and pulley. We also cleaned out a guys shed with some friendly rats hidden away in the objects.  

Our progressing investigator is making progress. It seems that he should get baptized this week or the next. 

Today for p-day we are going to eat Peruvian food. 

A little surprise: The owners of our house (The Choquevillca family) went to the United States to drop their son off at BYU and will stay there for month. I sent with them a little surprise for you guys. I don´t know if they will drop it off personally or just drop it the mail. Just don´t be too astounded if two Bolivians show up who speak very little English. 

Love Elder Gilbert

 A really large snail

 A fun man statue

 My trainer's last conference

                                                   The house with Santa Cruz clouds

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