Monday, February 15, 2016

Bolivian Visitor in Brigham City

Good Morning

I am glad to see that eveything got to you. There was an envelope with letters for everyone and a small package that had my flash drive, some drinks typical of Bolivia (chicha de mani. it is my favorite chicha. They usually just make it out of corn) a small pen and I don´t remember what else. Those things Brother Choquevillca took with him and put it in the mail. Then Natan should have given you a bigger package with a horn cup, rock nativity, wooden cup, metal straw, and a little hat. By the way the straw is to drink mate (it is quite popular). What you do is you take some herbs and put it in the wooden cup and pour hot water and sugar in it and with the straw suck out the juice. The holes on the bottom of the straw prevent you from sucking up the herbs I was going to send some mate herbs but it looks like marijuana, so I thought they might have taken it out at the airport.  I hope you got everything I sealed up the second package pretty good so that no one would open it. Let's just say as a missionary you get pretty good at plan A and plan B I will have to tell you more about Natan next week.

For Carnaval, we were shut up for 3 days. The members can leave but they usually don't. If you do people just start throwing water baloons at you (with or without paint). In some places in Santa Cruz everyone gets drunk and starts throwing car oil, fat, and other nasty stuff. That is why we don't leave in those days.

This week we found two families who are super good. I think they will get baptized. One is called the Mamani Family and the other Villarroel. The Mamani family's son is going in the bad path and is super receptive.

No, we are not allowed to eat pig, lettuce, strawberry, or fish. The reason for pig is something they slaughter pigs that are sick and they carry a parasite that doesn't die when you cook it. And this is the gross part, they are like worms that travel to the brain and start eating brain tissue. But it is still pretty rare.

No one batted a wink about Valentine's day. I barely remembered it myself. 

My time ends,

Love Gilbert

Natan and Karen

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