Monday, February 1, 2016

Rain and Lost Ring

Good Morning 

Well, to explain the wardrobe outfit in the picture. That day was the day that my companion left for Vallegrande and so we were packing him up (that is why I am wearing sandals) and that is grease on my arm because I leaned onto one of the semi-trucks. 

I can´t believe that everybody is getting married. Dad also told me that you got a few inches of snow. Well, I woke up in the morning to find that we had a couple inches of rain in our house. Turns out that it rained so hard that the water came in through the door and got everything wet. We spent the morning bailing the water out and drying the mattress.

Yesterday we had stake conference and Elder Godoy came and talked about a scripture that says we are the holy nation and that therfore we should have some kind of credential. He said that more than anything the thing that shows if we are truly converted are the things we do when nobody else is watching. We were able to take an investigator family with us and on the way back their son grabbed the mom's ring of her finger and threw it out the window. We had to stop the car and look for it but it was a good thing we found it.   

Next week is Carnaval and so I won't be writing next week. 

Anyways until the next,

Elder Gilbert

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