Monday, February 22, 2016


Yesterday there was a vote about whether or not they should change the constitution so that the president can be president longer. It came back as a no. But we had to stay inside all day in our house. And as a fun fact it is illegal here to drive your car on election/voting day. There also wasn't any church.

Our investigators are doing well. We have the Mamani family and the Villarroel Family and the Lijeron Family. They are all doing great.

This week I had my regularly scheduled interview with president. He brought my finishing date as July 15 and told me that this would be the second to last interview with him and that my final interview would be with President Rodriguez. President Willard leaves two weeks before I do.

I also wanted to tell you a little more about Natan. Before leaving on the mission, he graduated in Electrical Engineering or something and was working with a mining company as the guy running the control board or something and was earning about 100,000 dollars every year. While on a airplane trip from Peru to Bolivia he was sitting on the plane when the people who sat next by him were President Willard and Hermana Willard sat right next to time. Natan asked them what they were doing and they told him that they were going to be missionaries for 3 years in Boliva, Santa Cruz and then he told him that he was a member of the Church and that he wanted to go on a mission too (he was a little embarrassed because he had a beard and was 25 years old). So happens that he left behind his career and went on a mission and before he left his mother was diagnosed with cancer and he left all his money for her and her treatment. Three weeks before returning home his mother passed away. When he came home President Willard was in the airport picking up other missionaries and came to his homecoming. He is a super cool guy. He is also one of my favorite people in the ward. I am glad that he was able to make it to the house and that mom was there to receive him. I just want to know what mom first thought when she opened the door.   
Did everyone see the video on my flash of us moving the house? I just wanted to make sure. 

Also I have a big favor to ask: Could someone put all of the emails that I have sent home (text only) on a word document and send it to me. Thanks.

Have a merry, merry week,

Elder Gilbert

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